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PostSubject: Respected Member's   Respected Member's EmptyWed May 16, 2012 3:54 am

From time to time we will find users that we think are respected or helpful user's.

All user's are not in order nor are that set from best or worst. They are random and will remain that way. All staff or user's listed are staff that Inferno has added and wrote his own comment.

Respected Staff Member's:

Mod Jad - After all his funny jokes on Skype, he has been very respectful and very helpful. I would sum him up as a very great friend.

Mod Taylor - If it wasn't for all his rude and disrespectful joke I wouldn't have made this server. After all Taylor has been with me ever sense I built my first server.

Shame - This user is rewarded the most helpful Administrator on the server. If you see this Administrator in game please thank him for all of his work.

I would hope that I can add more staff member's to this list. Thank you all for all your great work! Smile

Respected User's:
I'm sorry to announce that there is no current user's pending for Respected Member's.

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Respected Member's
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